A boldly colored Azilal rug, 1990s-00s, most probably from the region around Bzou, the bordering area between the Boujad region and the High Atlas. The painterly composition begins with a distorted checkerboard at the bottom, then suddenly changes its rhythm into a flaming-like abstraction, until it moves into a grid and linear structure, with small outbursts finishing the overall vibrant pattern. This rug is a real firecracker!

260 × 150 cm
8'5" × 4'9"
industrial yarns


The attribution AZILAL is given to rugs that are made by Berber tribes living in the province Azilal. The province extends north of the main chain of the High Atlas to the southern foothills of the Middle Atlas. Most important tribal groups in the area are the Ait Atta Noumalou, Ait Bouguemez, Ait Shokhmane and Ait bou Oulli. Their expressive weavings were originally made with undyed wool and primarily found in the area around the Ait Bouguemez valley and among the Ait Boulli. The considered typical Azilal rug has a black or brown geometric design on a white background. Rugs with a red background come from the eastern part of the region, from the Ait Shokhmane and the Ait Bouzid, bordering the southern Boujad region. Most of the Azilal rugs one can find in today’s market were being produced between the 1980s until today. Their characteristics are slightly different incorporating colorful, industrial yarns and recycled textile scraps.