A completely unique Boujad rug, 1990s-00s, from one of the Arabic groups in the Boujad region with a design full of surprises. Clearly detectable influences from the Rehamna tribes can be seen in the border motifs with chains of diamonds, in the red colored background and in the otherwise freely designed abstract pattern. It is difficult to find an accurate description for the pattern except that it reminds one of an underwater world or an organism seen under the microscope. This boldly colored piece with a highly artistic quality is looking for an owner with courage to commit to it.

255 × 192 cm
8'5" × 5'4"
wool & cotton
very good


BOUJAD rugs are made by Arab tribes and Arabised Berber tribes but they are named after the town of Boujad. The surrounding region of this town lies in the western foothills of the Middle Atlas adjoining the Zaer tribal territory in the extreme western corner, and the town Beni Mellal at the northernmost edge of Western High Atlas. The knotted rugs have typically a low pile and are often made with mixed materials such as wool, cotton, textile scraps and industrial yarns. Their designs are often highly individual containing Berber motifs, motifs found in Rabat rugs, distorted checkerboard fields and gestural abstract patterns- all in lively colors.