A Boujad runner, 1980s-90s, with a vibrant complex pattern created with basic elements of design such as dots, lines and stripes. Bold stripes rich in variations vertically run up through the field acting as a playful counterpart to the fine pixelated background: All together creating an optical puzzle. Runner formats are often found in the region of Boujad which is known for eccentric and colorful designs in rugs.

252 × 96 cm
8'2" × 3'1"
cotton & industrial yarns


BOUJAD rugs are made by Arab tribes and Arabised Berber tribes but they are named after the town of Boujad. The surrounding region of this town lies in the western foothills of the Middle Atlas adjoining the Zaer tribal territory in the extreme western corner, and the town Beni Mellal at the northernmost edge of Western High Atlas. The knotted rugs have typically a low pile and are often made with mixed materials such as wool, cotton, textile scraps and industrial yarns. Their designs are often highly individual containing Berber motifs, motifs found in Rabat rugs, distorted checkerboard fields and gestural abstract patterns- all in lively colors.